2022 Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

(A Community Philanthropy Project for the Holiday Season)

The Random Acts of Kindness Challenge is back!

Want to contribute to our community but don’t know where to begin? Grab your friends, neighbors, colleagues, families and join us during this season of giving as we challenge you to fill your free moments with acts of kindness—big and small.

How it Works

Step 1

Register for the Random Acts of Kindness Challenge by pledging a donation of any size.

Step 2

Choose from the list of ideas below to spread kindness throughout the community.

Step 3

EARN POINTS for each act of kindness and for donations in increments of $25.00. Keep track of your Random Acts of Kindness and tally your score.

Step 4

Help us spread the kindness by sharing the Random Acts of Kindness Challenge with your communities, networks, and on social media.

Step 5

After the Challenge has ended, we’ll announce the winners and celebrate with a kindness party for YOU.

All funds raised through the challenge will help keep the ripple of kindness going through our community by benefitting local organizations and partnering with local businesses to surprise some of our heroes with treats of appreciation. 100% of donations go right back into our community.

Random Acts of Kindness (1 point each)

· Share the Random Acts of Kindness Challenge link.

· Make a donation to a nonprofit. Give yourself a point for each $25 donation.

· Drop off a homemade gift or sweet to a neighbor.

· Send a note of gratitude to an educator.

· Tell a health care worker who has treated you with exceptional care how much you appreciate them.

· Send a message to someone you respect in the community but do not know personally recognizing their good work. It does not have to be a leader or well-known person—it could be the server at your favorite restaurant, a program coordinator at a local organization, or the janitor at your kids’ school. Bonus if you share your appreciation message on social media and tag #BeKindFoCo!

· Leave a treat for your trash collection team.

· Set out a thank you basket with goodies for package delivery people.

· Rake leaves or shovel snow for a neighbor.

· Return your shopping cart after shopping.

· Write a positive review for a local business.

· Let someone go in front of you in line.

· Bring your neighbors’ trash cans in for them.

· Hold the door open for a stranger.

· Drop off a hot beverage to a crossing guard.

· Send a note or card to a friend going through a difficult time.

· Leave flowers on someone’s porch.

· Pick up trash at a local park.

· Create positive bookmarks and hide them at your local library.

· Share a copy of your favorite book with someone. 

· Visit with or make a phone call to an elderly person in your life.

· Check in with a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.

· Take a meal to someone going through a health challenge.

Community-forward Acts of Kindness (5 points each)

· Donate a bike to Realities for Children’s Bikes for Tykes program:


· Donate a toy to the NoCo Secret Samaritan’s Free Toy Store

· Donate a frozen turkey or other food to the Food Bank for Larimer County

· Purchase a Thanksgiving Dinner Kit or make a Home for the Holidays gift bag for Homeward Alliance https://www.homewardalliance.org/hwa/others-ways-to-give/

· Donate items to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.


· Sign up to host a rent party for Neighbor to Neighbor.

· Become a volunteer driver for Meals on Wheels.


· Treat a friend to lunch at FoCo Café.

· Donate blood. https://www.uchealth.org/locations/garth-englund-blood-donation-center-fort-collins/

· Sign up for a volunteer opportunity through United Way’s NoCo Volunteers website.


Earn one extra point for each act of kindness you document on social media! Tag us:

@BeKindFoCo #BeKindFoCo